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Tim Richmond: ‘Last Best Hiding Place’ – Exploring the Longstanding Myth of the American West

Tim Richmond (b.1959) is a British Photographer based in Colorado specialising in long-term documentary projects. His first book, Last Best Hidning Place, was published in 2015, and his work is housed in many private collections and has been shown internationally. Richmond's work has been featured in L'Uomo Vogue, Telegraph Magazine, Vanity Fair, World of interiors, Wonderland, Port and many others.

USA – 

Deserted streets with beer cans blowing down the road…a cowboy washing his shirts…a train on its way into a million acres of emptiness…a Vietnam vet who lost twenty years of recent memory…a whole town for sale…meth warnings…a tattooed waitress in neon light. All of these inhabit the Last Best Hiding Place.

Places, like people can seem alone, filled with melancholy.

Last Best Hiding Place (2007-2014) is Richmond’s personal and contemporary odyssey through a landscape of filmic references in the American West, revealing stories revealed true or imagined.

The evidence of the American dream is there, but dust covered, closed and un- cherished.


“Published by German publisher Kehrer, Photography Feature – Tim Richmond‘s ‘Last Best Hiding place’, titled for a Montanan slang for living under the radar, is a seven year long-term project, recently put into a book, exploring longstanding myth of the American west. Filled with powerful portraits of local residents, Richmond’s fascination for American west began while growing up with cowboy movies on TV. Documenting life in small towns like Miles City,Montana; Deadwood, South Dakota; and Eureka, Utah, Richmond presents a very honest and beautifully observed view of  rural America.” – Manik Katyal

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