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The highly experimental photographer Daisuke Yokata works with both digital and physical darkroom tools to create images that range from moody black-and-white portraits to high-keyed abstractions. In 2016, Yokata received the Foam Paul Huf Award, one of the highest distinctions awarded to talented contemporary photographers under the age of 35.

Japan –

I see a photo. I took it.

Although many decades have not passed since the shoot, I cannot remember that time in detail. At least I must have had something on my mind, even though that was not special thing.So, what was I thinking then? I cannot remember… Perhaps I have no way of knowing that any longer.

If I am truly a person who took the image, that is very evidence to show I was there with my camera and the object.Photography is often said to be record of the real due to the phenomenal reproducibility, but there is neither a place nor a person on the image itself. It’s just an aggregation of dots or particles.

So, what reminds me that time is not on the image but in my memory.

Originally, both the image and the memory happened to be made in the same place, but they have not followed the same time course. Because the image itself was fixed then, while the memory has changed over time.

I wonder if what kind of changes happened in my mind. Why there happened to be difference  between the impression of that time  and the object on the image?Before and after. Memory and record. Objects in front of my eyes right now and the impression of them. The whole things are deeply related with each other, and affect as well.

The past is seemingly not changeable, but it keeps changing with changes in my thought.


Written & Photography by Daisuke Yokata 

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