Tatiana Tcherkezyan: Deep Inside

Tatiana Tchernavin (alternative transliteration: Chernavin) (Russian: Чернавин) (1887-1971) was a Russian-born artist who wrote one of the earliest accounts of escaping the Soviet Gulag system, along with her husband Vladimir V. Tchernavin

Russia –


For more than 4 years I have been collecting the material for this book. It reveals all the deep feelings I have had in different relationships during this period. All of those feelings have one thing in common – they all have been undivided.

This topic has always raised intense feelings in me. I ask myself why we choose people who make us suffer. Our selection is based on how we treat ourselves. Searching for love we often come across wrong people . Unconsciously we sacrifice our souls and the souls of other people, we drive each other to despair and get lonely again. Then we start looking for a new affair.


Hard cover, open thread stitching, laser engraving on the cover, 11 x 15,5 cm, 52 pages including 4 fold-out pages, full colour, print run: 90 copies + 10 Special Edition with Print, signed and numbered.


Photographed,Written Photography feature – Tatiana Tcherkezyan

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