Robert Zhao Renhui: Singapore 1925-2025

Robert Zhao Renhui was born in 1983 in Singapore, where he currently lives and works. Zhao's work is based on the concept of doubt and uncertainty, and in his work he tests to the limit the principles behind the dissemination of knowledge and acceptance of truths.

Singapore – 

The Land Archive chronicles the significant changes in Singapore’s natural and urban landscape that have
occurred over a 100-year period. The 16 images in this volume have been carefully selected by
researchers from The Land Archive to capture the changing face of this tropical island-state. They
touch on issues of land reclamation, national boundaries, ecological changes, pollution,
conservation and the ever-evolving skyline.

The pictures capture an ongoing dialogue between the city’s man-made infrastructure and its
natural spaces and creatures. While Singapore architecture is documented in aerial views of the
country’s tallest buildings, and its ubiquitous public housing, there are also photographs the
island’s wildlife. These include fauna in Marine Parade, native animals in the wildlife reserves,
which houses one of the biggest collection of animals in captivity, and the last few wild animals.

Robert Zhao Renhui: The Land Archive
                                                Image© Robert Zhao Renhui

The Land Archive manages an extensive archive of documents from private memoirs, historical
maps and photographs to oral history interviews and audio-visual materials, some of which date
back to the early 19th century.

Written and Photography by Robert Zhao Renhui

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