Ren Hang

Ren Hang was a Chinese photographer and poet. During Ren's incipient career, he was known mostly for nude photographic portraits of his friends. His work is significant for its representation of Chinese sexuality within a heavily censored society.


China –

Photographer and poet, Ren Hang was born in Changchun, in northeast China in 1987. He lives and works in Beijing. Carefully staged, his work explores poetry of uninhibited sexuality and eager to experience Chinese youth. Criticized by the Chinese intelligentsia, his work has attracted international attention and has many exhibitions to his credit.
Ren Hang in 2013 was part of the 37 Chinese artists co-curated by Ai Weiwei “Fuck Off 2” at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands exhibition event, and sets until December 31 Lianzhou Foto Festival, China.

Exhibition from 17 January to 14 March 2014.

Opening January 17 to 19 hours in the presence of the artist.

The Naked Gallery invites Ren Hang in Paris for the exhibition.
Possibility of interviews by appointment from 11 to January 20.


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