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Jean-Paul Bourdier: Leap Into The Blue

Jean Paul Bourdier is a photographer and Professor of Architecture, Photography and Visual Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

USA – 

Jean-paul Bourdier, Professor of design, drawing, and photography in UC Berkeley’s architecture department, presents his book ‘Leap Into The Blue’.


Is to go to war
Over this earth
That we are
To paint
Is to release
The fragrance
Of one’s passage
On earth
Mysteriousness, like a color
Is human
Unless someone
Has found out
What blue red and yellow

When one is
All  boundaries  vanish
And  I am nowhere to be found

A photograph
May bring silence
The rest
Is superfluous

When is a painting or a photograph
A mirror
Into which
I disappear?

Reason derails
Feeling the body
Feeling the earth
I am not thinking
Therefore I am

Body is light
Light is color
No origin no aim
Just travelling
Just being

when things do not fit
the boxes of my mind…
laughter explodes
and life comes in
I walk this earth
That the landscape
Is outside of this body
As if my parents
Were not inside me…

Whatever I say
Whatever I do
This infinite landscape
Is doing it
A painted body lays open
The flowering of something
Jump into the unfamiliar
Until you can hardly breathe
For it will suffocate
You with beauty

The incongruous
I give back
To the earth
What it gives

The clothes of beliefs
One enters
The desert
Of the self

I paint photographs
I photograph sounds
Sounds are colors
And colors are forms…
The photograph paints me

Working with silence
Why would I need narratives?
Painted bodies
How can I look
At anyone
In terms
Of skin
Color ?

Painted body
Or innermost
Flowering ?
Color is my “black and white”
With colors
The body becomes alien
Any mound or hollow
Becomes a plastic sculpture
Hard to name
Or desire

Can simply be
The watcher

Mind is a circus clown
Who believes
He is a banker

A photograph
Is a trace of light
Fast food
For the poor

To paint
Is to be
The mystery
Of light
As matter

To rediscover
The musicality
Of the body
I use paint

Old questions
Bring us to see
That rocks , bodies,
And trees
Are made from the same fabric

Being the landscape
Is to catch our minds
By surprise
What if there were
No selves that taints
The universe
With the color
Of its own glasses?

To be the landscape
Is to rediscover
The mountains and rivers
Within oneself

Into color
One enters
No time

What else
But humor
Can undermine
The constant chatter
Of my mind?

If I look attentively
At the clouds
I should learn everything
About myself

To paint this body
Is to be these clouds
That paint the earth”

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