David León Rodríguez: Decency

David León Rodríguez (B1982), Salamanca. After finishing my studies in Salamanca and Madrid, in 2005 I began my career as an art director in advertising agencies, first at Tapsa and later at El Laboratorio. I am currently Creative Director at Comunica +A and during these years I have worked for clients such as Iberia, Gol Televisión, Mercedes-Benz and Canal+, among others.

Spain – 


…there are two races of men in this world, but only these two: the ‘race’ of the decent man and the ‘race’ of the indecent man. Both are found everywhere; they penetrate into all groups of society…
“Man’s Search for Meaning”, Víctor E. Frankl.

There are so many subspecies of humans that live and shape, each in its own way, the social theatre. Each is marked by codes of conduct and behavior and patterns of coexistence. Working on values ​​such as decorum, dignity, modesty and respect fordecency reflection, I wonder who are those men having that quality.

Decency is the portrait of a fighting race, an increasingly struggling survival in a society that is losing the understanding of doctrines, beliefs and values inherited from the past.


La Decencia_Emaho_0031


Editing: David Ricardo León Rodríguez + Cases
Design: David Leon Rodriguez
Prepress: Victor Garrido
© PHOTO: Photography David Leon Rodriguez

Cover lined wibalin
Tatamy IVORY Paper SYMBOL 150 grams
Binding: Hardcover Sewn
64 pages
10.5 x 15 cm

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