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Call For Applications: Screen Production Lab – The New Visual Documentary

The new visual documentary is different from what already exists in the well-defined editorial, film, broadcasting, and art contexts, both formally and aesthetically. The form can be anything really–a participatory project, multimedia journalism, a video installation, data art, or an unlikely structured short film.

USA – 

Screen Production Lab is a four-month, production-oriented training and mentorship program that focuses on the new visual documentary in its variety of formats and distribution paths. This lab simulates real production and distribution scenarios for participants.

You will be attending a production lab. Screen is the production house and the distributor. We are looking for well-developed, unusual and innovative visual stories that lack the resources to be packed into final products. Together we will develop a production plan and the outreach strategy that will get your stories where they need to go.

The Lab is intended for experienced visual storytellers (photojournalists, videographers, visual artists and producers) with stories in development or production stage, exploring innovative design and distribution for their projects.


The Lab consists of two 5-day in-person sessions, separated by 4 months during which we will work together online to follow up on project development toward the 2nd session.
15 to 20 selected participants and 5 experts will gather during the live sessions.
The first session, focused on production issues, will take place from June 22-26 at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York.
The second session, centered on distribution, will take place in October 2015 in New York.

The second session of the Lab will conclude with a pitching panel where participants will have an opportunity to pitch their project in front of buyers and funders from different backgrounds: digital and traditional broadcasters, museum and film curators.

The Lab is led by award-winning picture editors and multimedia producers:

Jamie Wellford, picture editor, producer and curator
Liza Faktor, curator and transmedia producer
Bjarke Myrthu, interactive & multimedia producer
Adrian Kelterborn, multimedia producer, director and editor
Ivan Sigal, media projects designer and producer
Anna Zekria, curator and agent
Amber Terranova, photo editor and educator
Frank Kalero, communicator and filmmaker
Andre Costantini, filmmaker
Ramon Pez, creative director and book maker

Executive producer:
Amber Terranova

Screen produces and distributes visual stories across platforms to connect documentary projects with diverse audiences in media, art, film and broadcasting.

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