Veronica Fieiras: The Disappeared

The Disappeared is a book about the blurring and dissolution of identity, both in the larger body of a population, and in the oblivion of time passing... But these vanishing images also reassemble into a collective memory, by leaving an unclear and diffuse mark in people's minds, and becoming an almost real representation of the pain and the suffering experienced by each of these persons, and by the society as a whole, in an era of the Argentinian history overwhelmed by the stony silence imposed by the junta on the population, and remembered mostly through the crual feelings of absence and miss. A really beautiful book on Japanese paper (except for the central pages), hand-made by Verónica Fieiras and Ilkin Huseynov for their new publishing house "RIOT Books".

SpainPhotography will never be able to run away from the memory’s territory and its stigma

This is an agreement assumed along with the acknowledgment that every photography contains data, which can be more or less organized, scientific or emotional, as well as disperse or merely descriptive.

Verónica Fieiras’ book “The Disappeared”,  is all that has been mentioned and much more.



Verónica uses photographs that have been found and belong to a dark and terrible stage in a country where some of it’s habitants were capable of generating pain through terror, a pain so deep that even now newer generations still can feel it in their guts.

This is an emotional book that deals with the vanishing of memory while insisting on recovering it.

It states a fight over power between the passing of time and the devastating effects that this brings with it.

Symbolically, while images retain their graphics memory, they gradually dissolves and distance themselves from their original presence while generating a transparency that can be added to other faces, other forms of visual memory, that construct a new image. In this case images represents the face of horror, but above all, the face of an inmense pain and the silence of a sick silent society.

Definitely “The Disappeared“ is a book that defines the identity of absence, not only by images but also in words, through anonymous and blurred trails of what used to be a presence, and therefore part of life.
Ciuco Gutiérrez


32 pages
21 x 29 cm
Japanese paper
Limited edition of 50
Riot Books

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