Lucie Foundation: International Photography Awards 2014 Announced

David Clarke has built a career lasting over 35 years within and surrounding professional fine art photography. He was born in Liverpool but the bulk of his life and career has been spent in London where he was Head of Photography at Tate for 20 years. His responsibilities included photographic management for Tate’s 5 sites including digitisations and distribution projects for Tate’s vast collection of paintings, sculptures and works on paper.


The Lucie Awards presents the International Photography Awards (IPA) competition, a sister effort of the Lucie Foundation, and has announced the 2014 finalists. An international jury of photography professionals selected these outstanding finalists from over 27,000 submissions from 104 countries. Of these 30 finalists, one winner will be named for each of four categories: International Photographer of the Year, Discovery of the Year, Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year and Moving Image Photographer of the Year at the Lucie Awards on Sunday, Nov. 2.

The Lucie Awards culminate a weekend of events including the IPA’s Best of Show exhibition/party and the Lucie Lectures. This year we welcome David Clarke, Head of Photography Emeritus of Tate, as Guest Curator of the Best of Show Exhibition. Susan Baraz, Head of Judges for the IPA commented, “The 80 plus jurors for the IPA competition are the most profoundly influential people in photography, coming from all parts of the globe. It is most gratifying that the amazing images submitted were as well: China, Iran, Ukraine, and Syria, to mention a few. One realizes how a single photograph can bind together all our lives. It’s humbling.”

Roy Flukinger, Senior Research Curator, Harry Ransom Center added, “Jurying the IPA Awards is always a challenge because there is much serious and invigorating work. The proficiency and skill of so many reviewees is always high and each year I have found new bodies of work, which reveal an artistic and photojournalistic vision that merits our commendation as well as the world’s attention. Happily this has proven to be so again this year. So may it continue.” 2014 Competition also introduces a new “Event” Category.



Advertising Category: Jaime Travezan, UK

Architecture Category: Peter Steinhauer, Singapore

Book Category: Sandro, US

Editorial Category: Sandro Maddalena, Italy

Event Category: Rudi Dundas, US

Fine Art Category: Maxine Helfman, US

Nature Category: Karen Lunney, Australia

People Category: Didier Mayhew, France

Special Category: Jay Mark Johnson, US

IPA Russia: Anna Hoffman

IPA China: Jinjun Di



Advertising Category: Isabella Cassini, US

Architecture Category: Maroh Kim, US

Book Category: Jan Janssen, Netherlands

Editorial Category: Robin Hinsch, Germany

Event Category: Amy Siqveland, US

Fine Art Category: Jackson Patterson, US

Nature Category: Vyacheslav Mishchenko, Ukraine

People Category: Joey Yu, SIngapore

Special Category: Cheryl Medow, US

IPA Russia: Alexandr Romanov

IPA China: Tianquitao Chen



K. M. Asad, Bangladesh

Tim Gerard Barker, Vietnam

Mary F. Calvert, US

Stacy Kranitz, US

Sarah Borst, US

Adrian Mirgos, Poland

IPA Russia: Julia Zakharova

IPA China: Wang Jing



Beat Keller, Switzerland

Szymon Kobusiński, Poland

Lukas Hüller / Hannes Seebacher / Sami & Samer Ajouri, Austria

Yannick Wegner, Germany

Simone Sapienza, Italy

Anna66 Andrzejewska, Poland

IPA Russia: Anton Belousov


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