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LE BAL bookstore specializing in photography. Online sale of new, rare books, prints and limited editions.

Paris –  

29th August

LIVE EDITING SHOW Opening of LE BAL’s participatory editing workshops.

MAKE YOUR OWN BOOK ! Four portuguese photographers, André Cepeda, José Pedro Cortes, António Júlio Duarte and  André Príncipe, propose a series of unpublished images and share their expertise during a very unique publishing workshop. At the end, the participants will take home the books they’ve created along with the artists.

2 hour-workshop with one photographer.

The workshops will take place during the 3 days of the festival.

1st exhibition room of LE BAL / 1st floor



At the same time as the workshops, Le Bal Books presents the 17 books that has been published by Pierre von Kleist editions since its foundation along with a selection of 30 independently published Portuguese books.

1st exhibition room of LE BAL / 1st floor



LE BAL is renewing its partnership with Kassel Fotobookfestival with the 2014 DUMMY AWARD exhibit. The 50 best photo dummies

selected by experts from the publishing world will be shown.

2nd exhibition room of LE BAL / -1



Presentation of Souvenirs from Europe project by David-Alexandre Guéniot (Ghost Editions).

VISIT  ! David-Alexandre Guéniot’s poster installation will be on view during the 3 days of LE BAL BOOKS WEEK-END.




Presentation of Pierre von Kleist Editions by André Príncipe and José Pedro Cortes.



LE BAL Paris




Known as the largest Portuguese book collection, the Paris Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation will host LE BAL BOOKS WEEK-END program on Saturday afternoon.
A series of discussions with guest reviewers, curators and experts from Portugal will give new insights on the historical evolution of the photobooks made in Portugal from the last 50 years and its actual interaction with visual arts.
A complementary selection of the most important photography books from the Lisbon Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation will give an overview of this valuable fund.




11AM TO 5PM.
LIVE EDITING SHOW 2nd day of participatory editing workshops.
1st exhibition room of LE BAL / 1st floor


Focus on the Portuguese micro and self publishing. Presentation of the collection Um Diário da República by Martim Ramos (Kameraphoto).




5PM TO 8PM. 
An exhibition of the 10 photobooks coming from the Lisbon Calouste Gulbankian Foundation will give an overview of this valuable fund.


6PM TO 6.45PM.
Discussion with Miguel von Hafe Pérez, reviewer and curator, director of the Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporánea in Spain: A history of Portuguese photobooks.


6.45PM TO 7.30PM. 
Round-table with Philippe Azoury, André Cepeda, José Pedro Cortes, António Júlio Duarte et André Príncipe. Philippe Azoury, an independent film critic, analyzes the influence of Portuguese cinema in the work of the four photographers invited. Excerpts of films will document the discussion.


Vinho ao pôr do sol, reception at the Paris Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.




To close LE BAL BOOKS WEEK-END Portuguese season, LE BAL becomes an experimental platform with a program of conferences and a portfolio lecture session.


11AM TO 8PM. 
LIVE EDITING SHOW 3rd day of participatory editing workshops.
1st exhibition room of LE BAL / 1st floor


12AM TO 1PM. 
Discussion with Delfim Sardo, independent curator and art essayist: Portuguese contemporary photography in exhibition


2PM TO 7PM. 
Reading of portfolios consisting in individual meetings with experts, art critics, gallery owners and curators
from the publishing world and the photographic field. This year’s guests are:

–    Pedro Alfacinha, gallery owner
–    Philippe Azoury, independent film critic
–    Rémi Coignet, independent art critic
–    Diane Dufour, LE BAL’s director
–    Marc Feustel, independent art critic
–    Sebastian Hau, LE BAL BOOKS’ artistic director
–    Dieter Neubert, The Kassel Fotobookfestival’s director
–    Clément Saccomani, Magnum Photos’ publishing manager
–    Delfim Sardo, independent art essayist and curator
–    Miguel Von Hafe Pérez, art critic and curator, director of the Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporánea in Spain


Open to photographers, professionals, amateurs and students looking for a constructive expertise on a specific photographic work.
Cost: 70 euros
3 meetings (20 minutes each), with 3 different experts.
The best 40 projects will be selected for the reviews.
2nd exhibition room / -1


CLOSING NIGHT Book signing session and presentation of the exhibition Levante (Pierre von Kleist editions) with André Cepeda, José Pedro Cortes, António Júlio Duarte and André Principe.

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