Les Photaumnales 2014: Rock’n’Roll

The 11th edition of the Les Photaumnales photographic festival will be held from September 27 to January 11, 2015 in Beauvais and the Picardy region. The 2014 Photaumnales propose to revisit the history of rock'n'roll through photography. To explore the deep relationship between image, music and the worlds of rock.

France – The 11th edition of the Photaumnales Festival, organized by Diaphane, will be held from September 27th, 2014 to January 11th, 2015 in Picardy. Les Photaumnales 2014 suggests revisiting the history of Rock’n’Roll through photography, exploring the deep relationship between image, music and the world of Rock Guest curator Daniel Challe writes in his introduction: “The twentieth century gave us the Leica and the Gibson guitar (the first amplified guitar), instant photography and electricity. Rock’n’roll is a sketch of the present time, voice and sound mixed, reportage. Such is the stance underlying this 2014 edition of Photaumnales, Rock’n’roll: A Photo Album, to evoke the urgency, the frontal attack that the late Joe Strummer, lead singer of The Clash, alluded to in an interview: ‘We would pick up stuff out of newspapers to write our songs. Even our name came from the press.’ Three parts mark the beat of this story: This is England, Rock Icons and The Disciples, like so many pieces of a puzzle where the presented photographers compose a great song in images and sound. ROCK’N’ROLL, reeling, pitching, expressing desire, the body, life, energy. Let this 2014 edition of Photaumnales be first and foremost a whole lot of fun for everyone. BEAUVAIS CALLING!”

The KitchenmenImage © Sue Rynski

This is England
features the work of Jocelyn Bain Hogg & Paul Davis, Peter Dench, Anna Fox, Daniel Meadows & Martin Parr, Chris Steele-Perkins. 

Rock’s icons will show work by Rhona Bitner, Nicolas Comment, Kevin Cummins, Christophe Desforges, Richard Dumas, Colin Jones, Ludo Leleu, Renaud Monfourny, Jean-Marie Pouzenc. 

The Disciples includes work by Susanne Burner, Laetitia Donval, Dominique Dudouble, Samuel Kirszenbaum, Robert Kluba, Pascal Mirande, James Mollison, and Sue Rynski.

The festival opens on 27th September 2014 and continues till 11th January 2015.

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