Erik van der Weijde: Home is where the Dog is

Dutch photographer Erik van der Weijde takes several Brazilian women as his subjects in this bold series of portraits. Each is portrayed in black and white, and most look directly into the camera lens smiling, challenging, alluring.

Holland – 

Photography feature – Erik van der Weijde has produced more then 40 publications. Home is where the Dog is, his latest one, continues his affectionate investigation of everyday occurrences and of the potentially disturbing underpinnings of domesticity, taking on where his previous books This is not my Wife and This is not my Son, left off.  

Here, summarises the artist, we witness “Bathing cousins, a posing wife, the undisturbed dog, a playing son, the smoking mother-in-law, a stoic cat and a dead rat: they all become actors in a play about the boundaries of what’s private and what’s public, set within the white walls of a tropical garden.”

The images were shot with an iPhone during the first hours of dusk over the course of almost two years.

Erik van der Weijde: Home Is Where The Dog Is
Title of publication: Home is where the Dog is
Name of artist: Erik van der Weijde
Design: Erik van der Weijde
Edition size: 600
Format: Softcover
Size: 19×25
Number of pages: 160

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