Cortona On The Move – Photography in Travel 2013

Cortona is derived from Latin Cortōna, and from Etruscan 𐌂𐌖𐌓𐌕𐌖𐌍 (curtun).[3] This may be related to Indo-European *ghortos meaning "enclosed place" and consequently walled city like Latin hortus, German Garten, Italian orto, English yard, and Slavic grad. The name may also be linked to the Phrygian town of Gordium in Anatolia, although the founding myth for the latter is that it was named after founder, King Gordias. However, the Etruscan language is probably a pre-Indo-European language, and therefore if it was named by the Etruscans, an Indo-European etymology is uncertain. The Umbrian language, by contrast, is an Italic language, so if it was named by them, a link to Indo-European roots would be more likely.

Italy –

Cortona, 18th July – 29th September 2013

As every year from July to September, Cortona will be the beating heart of contemporary photography with the 2013 edition of the festival Cortona On The Move: the first festival that develops the theme of travel in all its forms and shades revealing all the experiences of contemporary man within the wonderful location of Cortona.


© Allen Matthews


Through the narrow streets of the Tuscan city, in the old hospital or in the ancient Medici fortress, the Journey will become sharing, entertainment, discovery, drama or dream. In the silence of the ancient buildings the only voice will be the voice of the photographers, travelers par excellence, who will talk about distant lands and profound moments of life.

After the success of last year and for the second year, Arianna Rinaldo has been confirmed artistic director of the festival by the Cultural Association ONTHEMOVE. Research, talent, modernity and variety are the key words that have guided her selection of the exhibits for this edition.


© Joel Meyerowitz


Like every year, in the beautiful surroundings of Cortona, the early days of the festival (18-21 July) will be focused on events such as openings, debates, screenings, workshops and portfolio reviews with the best national and international photo professionals.


Exhibitions :

Joel Meyerowitz Taking My Time
Christian Lutz Trilogy
Zed Nelson Love Me
David Chancellor Hunters
Alfons Rodriguez The Third Rider
Jeroen Toirkens Nomads Life
Gabor Arion Kudasz Tourists in the Environment
Sol Neelman Weird Sports
Salvatore Santoro Saluti da Pinetamare
Allen Matthews Cortona e dintorni
Alitalia 30 anni in Viaggio


Guatemala. Valle del Polochic © Alfons Rodriguez


OFF Circuit

Conceived as an open call to all photographers, the OFF Circuit reserves 5 exhibition places for 5 exhibitions that will be on display alongside the great names in the world of photography. The subscription period expires on 30th May.


International Prize ONTHEMOVE

Happiness On The Move, is the theme of the international prize related to the festival, and the winner will receive € 4,000. The Jury will be unveiled on the site the day of the launch of the competition.

The edition of the festival this year makes participation and sharing its strong point. In addition to the exhibitions of the great photographers, the organizers of the Cultural Association ONTHEMOVE wanted to enrich the festival with ideas, proposals and interactions with tourists, travelers and spectators: we want to promote crowd-photography.


From the series ‘Love Me’ by Zed Nelson.

Intro: Love Me reflects on the cultural and commercial forces that drive a global obsession with youth and beauty. The project explores how a new form of globalization is taking place, where an increasingly narrow Western beauty ideal is being exported around the world like a crude universal brand. The project spans five years, and involves photography in 17 countries across five continents.
Image: Ox and Angela, plastic surgeon and wife.
Rio, Brazil.



Thanks to the media partnership with La Repubblica we will ask Italians to send us their photos in Journey during the 20th century (taken before 31 December 1999). In addition to being posted on the biggest national news website, the images will create an exhibition of the festival and 3 readers-participants will be rewarded with a weekend in Cortona during the days of the inauguration.



In collaboration with Regione Toscana and Instagram Italia, we launch an innovative project of sharing images and promoting the area, which is related to the more immediate and widespread photographic production: that with a smartphone. We will ask tourists within the region to record their experiences in Tuscany with Instagram and to use the hashtag #SYT. The images will be projected in Cortona 24/24 hours during the festival.


©  Jeroen Toirkens



An initiative that will allow friends and fans of the festival to become protagonists of the festival. Through a small financial contribution, individuals participating in generating culture becoming part of the creative process of the festival. With every donation we request a picture that will help to create the third crowd-photography show of the festival.


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